First Floor

This Floor has three independent bedrooms with attached toilets and an extra powder room, it has a beautiful Master Bedroom, the toilets are made with one of a kind tiles and Class-A top brand toilet fittings, this floor can be given on 11 months or more on lease for MNCs, or it can be furnished and appliances installed to be given for daily or weekly or monthly purpose. 

Daily rate for the whole floor with furniture, appliances, internet , phone and morning continental breakfast:-

Daily Rate 22,000 Rs /day, for weekly and monthly stays additional 20% discount will be given 

Paying guest rate with furniture only per bed room for monthly rents :-

Master bedroom rate being 70,000 per month , 55000 2nd Bed room and , 50,000 for third bedroom per month 

11 Months lease rate for the whole floor for MNCs:-

it will be 1.75 lakhs Rs. / month with furniture or 1.5 lakhs Rs. / month without furniture. 

All the prices can vary based on demand . Advance booking is necessary, 50,000 Rs security deposit will be required for daily and weekly stay and 1 lakh Rs. for Monthly Stay and this will be held on credit card and will be refunded while vacating if there are no damages to appliances, kitchen , cabinets, closets, tiles, doors/windows and walls or on anything else in the floor, otherwise an amount equal to the damaged will be charged extra and the same will be deducted from security deposit.