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  • Product name: ck6163/80
    Category: CNC lathe
    Attention index: 733 times
    Product description: the main shaft adopts hydraulic four gears, which has no class, high rigidity, high cutting torque and strong cutting.
    Product features and parameters
    Bed saddle aging treatment, guide surface medium frequency quenching, plastic treatment, economic durability.
    The newly designed I series high rigid electric tool holder with precise positioning, good sealing and excellent performance.
    The head of the head of the bed is electric change gear, reduce the labor intensity, the operation is convenient.
    Main technical parameters
    ProjectUnitCK63 Series
    Maximum turning diameter over bedmm630
    Rall spanmm550
    Maximum workpiece lengthmm1500 3000
    Maximum cutting lengthmm13502850(Li d)
    The maximum cutting diameter Vertical Turretmm630
    The largest diameter rotary slidemm350
    The maximum cutting diameter Horizontal turretmmSix 500 lying,lying eight 410
    The largest diameter rotary slidemmSix 350 lying,lying eight 310
    Spindle ends type and codemmD11
    ChuckManually 325
    Hydraulic pressureInch12 or 15★
    Front spindle taper taperMetric systemΦ120 1:20
    Spindle boremm104
    Spindle speedsnAotomatic fourth gear Promise
    Spindle speed ranger/min17-128;38-278;75-570;170-1000
    Main motor powerkw11
    Center heightFrom Bedmm315
    From the groundmm1110
    Rapid traverse X/Zm/min4.0/8.0
    X-axis travel(standard)mm320
    Z-axis travel(standard)mm1350/2850
    Tailstock sleeve diameter/strokemm100/250
    Tailstock taper tapermmMorse 5
    Turret fromVertical four-station ·
    Vertical six-station ★(Unworthy tailstock)
    Horizontal six-station ★
    Horizontal eight-station ★
    Arbor SizeParty knifemm□32*32
    Center framemm20-170·/3m 80-250★
    With turret 20-110·/3m 100-150★
    Total capacity of electricKVA30
    Machine weight (Net/Gross)kg4000/4800(CK63135)
    Equipment details

    The patent certificate

    Service description
    1. After sales service work under the unified leadership of the general manager, the direct responsibility is the after-sales service director.
    2. In the after-sales service work, the production deputy director shall be responsible for organizing and solving the cross-sectoral issues.
    3. In after-sales service, other departments should be given the most powerful support in terms of manpower, material resources and technical support.
    4, working ideas, methods and measures in this system, process, specification, training, deputy director of the supervision and after-sales service by the production director in charge, this center working on support, guidance, inspection, examination.
    5. The communication and maintenance party information of our factory, all working and leaving personnel are not allowed to leak, the warranty is in accordance with procedures.
    6. This system is responsible for the interpretation and improvement of the imperfect or existing defects by the direct marketing centerCnc Milling Machine manufacturers

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